in new yahk

New York is interesting, and I’m amused by how discernibly peoples’ aesthetic changes from neighborhood to neighborhood. At first, I was kind of impressed at how put-together people generally looked, but this wore off after about 12 hours, when I had realized that, in any given neighborhood, everybody might look stylish, but everybody also looks the same. It’s really not too different from elementary school, when all girls had some variation on the Gap Kids/Limited Too wardrobe.

Also, I can’t wait for the late 80’s trend to pass. Wayfarers? Ankle-hugging jeans? Every white boy channeling the early Beastie Boys? Neon? Gross. I am so ready for the early 90s to come back, for the following reasons:

1. Sassy’s relaunch

2. Long skirts

3. Big hair

4. Interesting blacks draped interestingly

5. Docs

6. Cleavage (yes, it was out. really, people; the Kardashians don’t count as “style”)

(7.) Thankfully, as much as I loved my Hammer pants, those seemed to flash and fade pretty quickly from the runaway in the S/S ’10 collections.

It might be a little incongruous, but when I think of early ’90s style, I think of riot grrrl/grunge/the Pacific Northwest, Versace, and Helmut Lang. I approve of all!

Did I mention that I’m still excited for Sassy’s return!?!?!?!!!! Best. magazine. ever!!!


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