Winter’s Bone

Things I’ve learned thusfar:

1. Snow IS pretty, and it IS still magical!

2. I know you say I will not feel this way in February, or maybe even a month. Suck it.

3. Yoga ladies make me feel bad about my abs.

4. Yoga ladies make me feel GREAT about my breasts. Seriously, what the hell is it about yoga that seems to result in a direct nice-abs: shriveled, traumatizing-breasts correlation? Scary.

5. Traveling alone is only fun when I have way more money than I do right now. I’m waking up in 5 hours to go on my trip that I booked the day after I broke up with Nick, thinking, “woo, I’m single, this is going to be amazing!” Fail.

5b. It’s stupid to keep sleeping on “my side” of the bed. Evidence? There’s now a Kari-shaped dent in it, and I’m too lazy to flip the mattress. Therefore, I started sleeping on the other side. Then I figured, fuck it, why pick a side? Now I try to sleep diagonally to take full advantage of this ginormous mattress, but usually end up in my crevice, anyway.

6. Christmas kinda sucks when everybody actually goes home for the holiday?!?!?! and you have no parents and no long-term boyfriend. Shit.

7. Emo over. I don’t want to talk about ~feelings.~

8. I have a new roommate who has a DOG!!! The best of both worlds!!!

9. School is awesome, finals were great, and I somehow learned discipline this semester, to the point that I actually mentally fought off a cold for two weeks until after Bar Review. Holy crap, I impress myself.

10. Anyone who throws me a winter’s bone will be greatly appreciated. And by “throws me” I mean “is one of the π people in the world from whom I would catch it,” Number One being Tim Riggins, number Two being The Rock. Numbers 3 and .14159… tba. (Not tbd.)

11. I really like the idea of early morning flights, since they mean I get to maximize my time spent in my destination. At the moment, however, waking up at 3:15 sounds so bad that I almost don’t even want to go to South Beach. Chicago’s short flights are cool, but I do prefer eastbound Redeyes. At least I don’t have to wake up in time for shit.

12. I spent most of the past few days trying to get through my GooRead, and covered about 500 Fashionista articles yesterday. And yet, all I could think about was how many of those damn pieces were about fucking contracts. Models, ads, shoes, trademark, designers, leases, blah blah DIE!


(contracts rules everything around me)


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