from more innocent days

Notes I found on my Torts Syllabus. (Sadly, I can’t get the formatting to fully express the shit written sideways, upside down, and shit that was physically written upside down, nor can I convey that “so hot” needs to be thrice the height of “he was like tugging…”, which should be crammed in beside.) Classic.


“Do you want something from Harry’s?”


“this place is the Room of Requirement”

.                                                     “Harry Potter!”

“If it wasn’t in the movies I don’t know”

“It was in HP6! Draco’s hiding place”

“Do you want some thin”

we’re bonding SS

.                           Section 1 Partayyy


<– so hot he was like tugging his hair out literally
(when he’s having a breakdown)

u        m          i           s       s         e             d                  i t

-res ipsa

S    h   n           THANKS  !


<– Justifications for
strict liab.

/general review


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