sexist musings

Men generally seem a tad…naive when it comes to judging their own appearances. They generally pick mediocre, if not terrifying, pictures of themselves to put on OkCupid, or get the dorkiest hairstyles known to man JUST for school pictures. (Yes, those still exist.)

Unfairly, on the rare occasion that I do notice a man is remarkably good at composing his own aesthetic, whether in real life or just for a picture, I tend to dismiss him, assuming he’s exceptionally vain, conceited, fratty, or one of any other number of adjectives that fall into the “man I never want to get to know in any way, shape, or form” category.

Grossly unjust, I know.

In real life, I like a man who, you know, showers, and preferably doesn’t have snot hanging out a nostril, but I like kinda messy hair, and a patchy shave job, and will accept t-shirts OR button-downs (preferably rumpled, and maybe plaid), but certainly not polo shirts. Nothing is more boring-yet-evocative than another Lacoste, except maybe a Ralph Lauren.

So, random dude, if you’re using a dating site to find the love of your life, or even just a lay, please ask your female and/or wily friends to help you choose a picture. If you’re anything like my last boyfriend, what you think is your best picture will actually be truly frightening and (almost?) convince her (me) to not go on that first “date,” after all.


2 thoughts on “sexist musings

  1. ahaha, I didn’t see that. Hilarious. Although, I’ll probably be one of those poor suckers someday, so I guess I shouldn’t talk.

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