why i need to get to know my neighbors

it’s snowing!!!! and it even stuck and there’s lots of it and it’s pretty!!!! best birthday present ever. Thanks, God!

HOWEVER — I think I need to become friends with my neighbors. Yesterday, I stepped outside my house once: to make a snowball. I then chucked it as far as I could down the street. (It didn’t go that far.)

Today, on my way to and from yoga, the fresh snow continually distracted me, especially when at eye level — for example, atop a trash can. Yes, I did make a snowball every time snow was accessible-without-bending-over, and yes, I did throw them. I threw them down the street, at cars, at walls, at nothing, and generally chucked them to my heart’s content.

Except, my heart, my friends, is NOT content! I’m sick of being the girl who has snowball fights by/with herself! Therefore, I finally need to make friends with the neighbors, so I have somebody to play with me.

There’s a kid across the street who throws a baseball with his dad when the Cubs are in season, and who threw a football with him when Northwestern played Illinois at Wrigley — do you think he’ll have a Calvin & Hobbes fight with me? Would that make me a pedophile?



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