life update for the estranged, #2

Generally, school is still freaking awesome, despite the fact that finals are coming up and everyone (probably including I) seems even more freaked out than usual. The exception is CLR, which generally just kinda suck, and sadly is not that fascinating. The rest of my classes, however, are exceptionally interesting, much to my delight and surprise. Contracts? Really? Business? Excuse me? Wait, I want to take Tax next semester? Where has my soul run off  to? (“To where has my soul run off?”)

I am spending Thanksgiving in Nicaragua, alone. That should be a fabulous adventure. I plan to while away my days wandering around, maybe checking out some freshwater sharks, probably hiking through some forest, and hopefully finding these toucans that live IN ACTIVE VOLCANOS!!!! Or, knowing me, I’m going to find a spot on the lake and take filthy advantage of my outlines until they’re too worn out to take any further abuse.

The “alone” part alludes to the only significant difficulty in my life right now. As I risk extreme emo-ness if I continue down that thread, I will truncate it…here!

Also, I have no firm plans for Christmas, but tentatively am planning to go to Miami for  a few days, and maybe on Christmas. The plan is to go wherever warm place my Skymiles will take me. And to get through this pile of half-read books on my mantle that somehow seems to never stop growing.

I do, however, have a firm plan for Spring Break: Cartagena! Finally! Suck it, nerds.

Suffice it to say that classes are fascinating, people generally are entertaining, home life is going to take some getting used to, and I suspect I will stop stressing about grades way sooner than appropriate as some sort of fucked-up self-defense/preservation mechanism. You know you have a problem when you seek out journal articles in subjects only tangentially, if at all, related to class just so you can feel like you’re “being productive” when you’re really not.

Or, does seeking information outside of what’s covered in class make me more awesome?

hmmmmmm…probably not


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