Rushing a sorority, part two: THEM

Okay, so it’s not “tomorrow.” Sue me. (HAH law school!)

Anyway, the moral of my last post was, “to maximize the number of sororities interested in you, look classy and be interesting.”  Today’s post asks you to do something a bit harder: figure out why you actually want to join a sorority.

There are dozens of good reasons to join a sorority, and any wise PNM has many, many reasons she wants to do so.  Fucking fabulous.

For example, up until about a month before I began college, I scoffed at the idea of joining a sorority . However, thanks to Facebook, I saw that a lot of my older friends whom I admired were Tridelts.  Like, ten.  At different schools all around the country.  AND most of them didn’t know each other.  That piqued my interest.

Fast-forward to Preference Night.  I loved both of my last houses (Chi Omega and Tridelt, not that it matters).  I loved each of them for very different reasons, and spent three hours pondering my decision, deliberately going to the end of my Rho Chi line to buy myself time, and then discussing the decision at length with my counselor.  (Thanks, Mikaela!) (Odd note: one of my Rho Chis was Chi O and the other was Tridelt — not that I knew that at the time, of course.)

I characterized Tridelt as “the girls I think I’m already friends with” and Chi O as “the girls that I’ve done leadership activities with.”  I picked Tridelt, probably out of insecurity.  That was not the right decision.

(Now, let me add the caveat that I still love a lot of my sisters and there’s many, many fabulous ones in the bunch.  However, a good sorority becomes more than the sum of its parts.  Because my particular chapter had so many issues, it somehow actually managed to bring down its best and brightest.  Ugh.)

If you, too, are fortunate enough to be in a position to choose between two houses you love, consider why you love each one, and why you have reservations about each.  Are you hesitant because you think they’re not good enough for you, or because you think you’re not good enough for them?

Pick that one you think is just a bit out of your reach.  Pick a house that forces you to grow, mature, and be even better than you.  Pick a house that fosters your best qualities and supports you through your growth.  Pick a house with women you admire, respect, and sometimes even envy.

When you pick a sorority, you’re not just picking 30-60-200 friends; you’re picking the woman you want to be.  You will retain your self no matter where you go, but it would be asinine to think that the house you pick doesn’t matter.  Those letters you wear on your chest serve as a proxy for your personality to everyone who doesn’t know you.  So, pick a house you’d like to represent you, if for no other reason than to maximize your own reputation.

Anyway, I apologize, because this post has got to be the most disjointed one I’ve ever written, but I wanted to get it out there before y’all got to school and committed yourselves to those crazy houses with coffins during pinning or goats with initiation.  And no, I won’t tell you which they are…  0:)


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