You can live your life through one of essentially two paradigms: through fear, or through courage.

Living in fear makes one timid, rabid, callous, irrational, and ashamed.  Capitulating to fear forces humans to debase themselves to their most paranoid selves, and creates people who can never embrace life and afterlife with full hearts.

Living in courage is not the opposite of living in fear fear; in fact, the mere act of being courageous requires one to fear.  The difference is that, through courage, we choose to persevere, despite our fear.  Courage requires taking a deep breath and placing one foot ahead of the other.  Courage requires acknowledgement that the world will still turn, whether we like how it’s turning or not.  Courage engenders acceptance of the idea that all is unknown except that which we already know, and requires faith in the future, tempered by lessons from the past.

I regret few things in my life, but those big choices* I do regret have one thing in common: all were based in fear, not in faith.  Today, I write this brief post to remind myself to remember those moments, and choose to make future decisions more courageously.

In the end, I don’t really care what your politics are, or what your religion is; what you like to do for fun, your favorite book.  But I have no interest in fear-livers.

*future, related post: choosing a sorority


4 thoughts on “Bedrock

  1. haha, well, that would just be a little too nc-17 for such a family-friendly blog

    I totally bought the Usher CD the other day, though! It kinda sucks. Oops.

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