FUCK YOU (I did twitter-warn that obscenity was imminent)

Street-harassed twice so far today.  I’m so fed up that I’m creating a google map to document these incidents, which you can find here.  I’m starting with today and will continue to update it in the future, and encourage you to do the same!  Maybe if we document these continual abuses, The Man will actually recognize it’s a damn problem and help us the fuck out.

1. 12:40 PM

Waiting at loooong stoplight, sitting in my car, windows down, middle lane.  Man in parking lot to my right, 40 yards away, sitting in truck.  Wearing those stupid rainbow-reflecting wraparound sunglasses and looks Caucasian, but I can’t see anything else; he’s sitting in drivers’ seat and essentially hiding in his damn car.  (Fuckin’ pussy-ass coward.)

-Begins whistling at me, to the tune of “yoo hoo.”  Continues this for about 20 seconds while I ignore him.

-Turn head to look at him; he waves, leeringly.

-I turn back around and stare ahead.  Refuse to roll up window because why the hell should I?  I have the right to be here, fucker.  He whistles for another 15 seconds, more frantically.

-I finally capitulate and give him a very deliberate middle finger.

-He stops whistling for a couple seconds.  I hear him throw a bottle at my car.  (About 10 yards short — idiot.)


I have to say, I don’t really get points here for vocabulary, but probably would for my pure stentorian-ness.  (I have to admit that I’m quite the magnificent yeller.)

-A couple of men are in the gas station next to him, but barely look up, and certainly didn’t pay attention while he was whistling at me, and of course did not chastise him.  Go figure.

-5 seconds later, the light changes, and I’m away, off to teach fucking coordinate geometry.

2. 4:30 PM

Driving home from work, I’m passing a semi when it honks.  I jump, obviously.  (Don’t you?)  I look in my rearview mirror to see if I did something wrong or if my car’s smoking or something, but no.  The truck driver just wanted to WAVE at me.  For about half a mile.  Great.  Thanks, dude, for deliberately trying to distract me driving, and yourself.  Real fucking safe behavior.



-I know I’m attractive and all, but I really don’t think that I’m so damn irresistible that any man swoons when he’s within 100 yards of me and feels the need to demonstrate his affection.

-Today I wore my hair in a bun and zero makeup.  I wore a pencil skirt and tee shirt, but seeing as both incidents occurred while I was driving, it’s highly doubtful that either man saw anything but hair and sunglasses.  So hey, proof yet again that this shit ain’t my fault.

I cannot take this fucking bullshit anymore!!!!  If I’m silent, the douchebag wins.  If I retort, the douchebag has got me to react, and therefore wins.

Either way, I lose.  But if I’m going to lose, I might as well express how fucking pissed off I am.  Hey man, you’re violating my liberty already; I won’t let you take my god damn freedom of speech, too.


3 thoughts on “FUCK YOU (I did twitter-warn that obscenity was imminent)

  1. You act as I do but all I’m called is a crazy motherfucking lunatic bitch, ahhh America ain’t it grand?
    Thanks for this post, you indeed are someone I can truly identify with.

  2. No you totally get points for that. I’m not sure there’s much to do for folks that probably don’t even love their mothers more than they hate women. Aside from injure them physically.

  3. This is why I’m not that well liked and I don’t give a shit. I refuse to watch the Bill of Rights redacted by assholes because check your Fourth that’s way Bye-Bye since 2008, the Eighth well I happen to remember a few little things like Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay. And that wee problem “Extraordinary” Renditions, fucking with my First has become a downright job for alot of these right wing fringe freaks, screw them I speak my mind. Oh you don’t like it then I suggest you employ your First!

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