Thank you, Twitter

When it was announced that the Oscar Grant/Johannes Mesehrle verdict was in, I was sitting at work at a high school, proctoring an SAT. Luckily, I had my laptop and yoinked ethernet. However, I obviously couldn’t turn on a TV.

So, I typed “johannes mesehrle verdict” into google news over and over and over again, with very few updates, even once the verdict was announced.

What was actually useful for up-to-the-second news coverage? Twitter! I should’ve known, since Twitter was what showed me the verdict was coming in the first place, but hey, I can be a little slow on the uptake.

I have to admit that for the first year or so of Twitter, I was highly skeptical and fairly abrasive. An entire platform devoted just to your Facebook status updates? Isn’t that the part of Facebook that annoys people the most? (Sorry for statusing.)

I did get a Twitter when I was going through the law school application process and realized some of my top choices’ admissions offices announced important information through the platform. However, I didn’t start posting until I saw that UChicagoLaw had started following me and I felt compelled to prove I was interesting and worth admitting! Please! ahh!

Anyway, flash-forward to Thursday: awesome. For the brief hour or so before LeBron announced his decision, Oscar Grant and related topics were the top trending on twitter. (Right above Dolores Umbridge. Yeah, I don’t get it, either.) Twitter allowed me to see how real people, on the ground, felt about the verdict, and, as the night wore on, what was actually happening downtown (aka #KRON4SUCKS).

Digression: While I appreciate that KRON was the only station that provided continuous coverage of the downtown situation, man, was their reporting retarded. Hey, I’m a shitty journalist and feel it’s my duty to mock every single party involved in this situation! Oh shit, Foot Locker!!!! FOOT LOCKER!!!!!! HOODLUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the Foot Locker!!!! Stupid Oaklanders, losing their shit once again!

Anyway, kudos to Twitter for providing a great journalistic platform, and kudos to Oaklanders for sharing great observations and thoughts. Taken in the aggregate, y’all (we all) provided some great, accurate, “fair and balanced” coverage of what really happened on Thursday.


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