Oscar Grant deserved justice

Quick notes:

1. Involuntary manslaughter is bullshit!  In laymen’s terms, “Mehserle committed an act that posed a high risk of death or great injury because of the way the act was committed. Or, Mehserle’s actions could be found by a reasonable person to be reckless.”  Does shooting a damn lying-down, unarmed man in the back sound that benign to you??

2. Apparently (haven’t researched thoroughly) this is the first time we’ve convicted an officer of anything after killing someone in Oakland?  So I guess that’s a plus?

3. I have faith in Oakland.  I get off work in 30 minutes, am driving home, and parking my car on my damn street, Mac.  I trust.

4. Up until about an hour ago, the news of the day was LeBron and his blog/twitter announcement.   While I applaud LeBron’s success, drive, and self-management, the juxtaposition of these two events is just plain disturbing to me.  What a great reminder that, in America, we treat black people as black bodies, and minority humans as commodities.  How is this much different from American Antebellum slavery?

5. I appreciate the outpouring on Twitter, but have to mock one person.  Emma Calkin tweeted, “Verdict reached in the Mehserle trial. Oakland is way too close for comfort right now… I have a bad feeling :/”

I clicked the link to her facebook.  She lives in PLEASANTON.  For those of you not familiar, Pleasanton is a good 30 freaking miles from Oakland, and a bastion of suburban blah.  Emma Calkin, you are the white lady I’ll warn my future 75%-white children about.

No wonder Oaklanders like to mock those east of the Caldecott.  I love my hometown, Moraga, but that shit’s just embarrassing.


One thought on “Oscar Grant deserved justice

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