the Uterine Paunch

Dear Women over 20:

You know that stubborn part of your belly that just won’t quit? That thing between your navel and your hip bones, that’s there through rain and shine, thick and thin? (ha, pun!) That thing that will only go away if you spend four hours a day doing pilates, and that I’m kinda just accepting at this point?

I hereby name it the Uterine Paunch.

I just googled that phrase (both with and without quotation marks) and came up with NOTHING! Therefore, I take full credit for coining this term, and encourage English-speakers everywhere to adopt it.

You’re welcome!

P.S. Don’t worry, I’ll go back “serious” posts soon.  It’s just so damn hot outside that I don’t have the energy to be cranky at anything but the weather.


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