Debrahlee Lorenzana’s Right, and you’re an asshole misogynist,

so stop insulting her while you’re whacking off to her.


IF Ms. Lorenzana’s claims are true, then she is one hundred bajillion percent in the right and Citibank and her managers are one hundred bajillion trazillion percent in the wrong.

If her bosses told her she couldn’t wear TURTLENECKS because they made her look too hot, they’re seriously just plain stupid  Are you kidding me???  Turtlenecks are the MOST conservative top you can freaking find!  Pencil skirts?  You mean those ones that come with suits?  That go to your knees?  No three-inch heels?

Even if only the facts above were true, mayyyyybe her bosses wouldn’t be total assholes.  For example, if, for some reason, Citibank’s dress code specified that no women were allowed to wear turtlenecks, pencil skirts, or heels about 2.9″, then fine — that’s its rule.  But if they attacked only Ms. Lorenzana for wearing these items while letting other women wear them, it’s clearly a fucked-up situation.  Ms. Lorenzana states that her managers said “[The other female employees’] body types were different than mine, and because of my body type I drew too much attention, so I needed to ‘tone it down.'”  If that’s what they said, they’re just demonstrating how idiotic, ignorant, sexist, immature, perverted, and narcissistic they really are.

Honestly, I don’t think Ms. Lorenzana’s doing a great job of representing herself in the press — she comes off as vain and more than a bit publicity-hungry.  The fact that she’s had a boob job means that even more people will mock her and pretend her claims are illegitimate.  It’s unfortunate, but that’s how our society works — if a woman’s taken care of her appearance, she must not have any reasonable complaints!  (Yeah, you pretend you don’t think like that, but then why do you use that rhetoric?)

That said, just because Ms. Lorenzana may be chasing fame, or money, or bigger boobs, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have something important to say — something to which, I suspect, ALL American women can relate.  (More on why by the end of the week.)  She concluded her Today show interview with:

“Enough is enough.  I’ve been through my whole entire life going through this type of harassment.  I’ve turned the other way and stayed quiet, you just leave, get a better job, and it just, it continues to happen, and there’s the point where I don’t want to go through this anymore, now I try something different.”

Maybe men don’t get it because they don’t have to go through it, but I get it.  Men have been cat-calling and intimidating me since I was ten (when, frankly, I dressed like a boy, was chubby, and wore glasses — hardly “asking for it” on Moraga Road), and they do it to every single woman I know, regardless of what we look like.  Enough is enough, and it’s great that Ms. Lorenzana has a safe outlet through which to challenge this harassment and misogyny.

P.S. Elie Mystal is a fucking idiot and 70% of his articles make me want to take Above the Law off my GReader

P.P.S. Obviously there could be a whole lot of other reasons why Ms. Lorenzana was fired (umm, didn’t everybody in finance lose their jobs over the past two years?), but that doesn’t change the fact that she still faced sexual harassment and gender discrimination


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