Some Very Important People


Today is a weird post that I’ve been meaning to do for a while.  I’m writing it today because I have an enormous headache and no energy for a post intellectually taxing, but this one might just be more important, and it is certainly much easier to write.

It is a post…of thanks.  As you may know, in a couple of months I’m off to law school (Go Hoyas!  Unless UChi lets me in — then Go Maroon!), so at the moment I’m just wrapping up work and kinda sitting around until I get a move on with my life.  (Hopefully this summer will be chock-full of adventures — camping!  Surfing!  Rowing!  Hiking!  Swimming!  -ing!)

I’m convinced that I am the oh-so-fabulous person I am today not really because of my family or teachers, but because of all the friends and mentors I’ve had over the years who saw something in me worth loving, or liking, or at least pushing.  In high school, especially, I was fortunate (and somehow thoughtful) enough to have dozens of older friends who gave me advice, companionship, laughter, wisdom, rides, and, most important, confidence.  I’m listing them in no particular order, other than attempting to start from the oldest (people who were seniors when I was a freshman).  Without further ado,


Haruka Roudebush — I think I met you in MUN or something, but for some reason you always mentored me for the next 8 years, through high school, Y&G, and even UCSD.

Mike Young — for letting me yell at you on a biweekly basis for not letting freshmen join Y&G (despite the fact that this was obviously not your fault), and for being nice to this lonely freshman in Mock Trial

Camille Pannu — fearless Y&G leader who drove me everywhere, organized broomball, told me to ignore the stupid girl vote and to prioritize, and who is just one trailblazing B.  Thanks for always pushing me to grow more.

Liz Falcone — I haven’t talked to you in about 8 years, but thanks for being so nice and supportive at Mock Trial

Vidya Vasu-Devan — AcaDeca queen, you were so smart and nice and friendly, and really made me feel like I was worth something

Kristin Symon — thanks for being nice to me when I got second chair — you made that first semester much more bearable — and at Y&G, and generally hanging out with me — I love you and your ghetto booty

Allison Rose, Tara Syed, and Stacy Ishigaki — thanks for being some wonderful senior girls who took care of me at CONA.  I missed you all so much the second time around!

Stanley — Ssh…for the love.  You were the nicest, coolest, slightly-intimidating Editor ever.  I’m sure you’re probably still the nicest Republican in the world.  (Other than your parents, and Connie’s(?) amazing brownies and spinach dip)

Stevens — You’re the most abusive, hilarious, foul, and generally goofy pseudo-big brother in the world.  I’m so excited for your success and so happy you’re living the dream.  You’re also probably the only person in the world who could make me dropping/breaking two gallons of milk for a hug and asking “Do Asians celebrate Thanksgiving?” at Safeway not offensive in the slightest.  Go Cubs!

Rashelle — You were a beacon of feminine Senior light in La Puma.  I loved you for your kindness, honesty, wit, smarts, and balls.  Oh, and for driving me to BART every day for summer school, and for our summer school BART trips.  Oh, and for your purple Mustang convertible.  And for innumerable other things.  Go you!

Shively — I don’t know where you are, but you influenced more than almost anyone else in the world.  Thanks for always being there and hilarious, smart, fun, inspiring, and amazing, throughout Y&G and La Puma.

Katherine Casabonne, Sachi Clements, Kaitlin Finley — thanks for being awesome and hanging out with me for two years

Asian Mafia/BRBs — Remember when everyone was scared of you after that Nakamura kid brought a knife to JM?  To me, you’re now and forever just Big Red …

I’m sure I’ve forgotten dozens of important people, which is a testament to just how great people are, and not how much my head hurts.  Thanks, everybody.  I hope you’re all leading great lives.


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