White babies are better

Yeah, I said it.

Want some proof?  Check out at least two full-sized billboards in…WEST OAKLAND.

They advertise The Back-Up Plan, that semi-recent JLo movie.  JLo smiles adorably up at her baby from the right side of the billboard; generic romcom brunette white dude grins at JLo from the left.

In between is their supposed baby…pale, grinning, blond hair, blue eyes.  WHAT THE FUCK.

I still remember darling Gregor Mendel and his awesome squares, which taught me that HISPANIC WOMAN + BRUNETTE WHITE DUDE WILL NOT EQUAL ARYAN NATION BABY.

To add insult to industry, I’ve seen two of these billboards in WEST OAKLAND!!!  Dude!!!  Check your demography!  I’m pretty sure the only white people west of 980 are trust fund hippies, who are, at least cosmetically, fairly up on their race politics.  (Or, at least more so than their counterparts 15 miles east.)

We already condition our children of all colors to prefer super-Caucasian humans, but I’d thought this indoctrination was primarily insidious.  But even that baby knows what game he’s playing.

P.S. I’ll take a picture next time I remember to bring my camera out of the house.  Didn’t have much luck image-googling…guess the company has a sense of shame, after all


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