Your priorities make me question your judgment

Meg Whitman pledged to spend $1 billion of her own fortune on her political campaign.

Ms. Whitman, if you really want to make California a better place, why don’t you use your $1 billion to clean up the state?  Hell, use it to pay all those state-issued IOUs.  Since you’re a Republican, I assume you don’t have much faith in the state, so I wouldn’t presume to even suggest you donate that $1 billion to the public sector.

Hell, I’m sure you could take $100,000 of your $1 billion and hire a few people to scout out worthy charities that will significantly impact California.  You’d even get the tax write-off!

If you took your $1 billion and put it towards helping actual people, and not just buying ad time, I might even vote for you.  Fortunately for my liberal reputation, I’m pretty sure you won’t do that.


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