California: I love you, but stop

In his last State of the State speech, Governor Schwarzenegger proposed that California amend its Constitution to mandate that the CSU and UC receive at least 10% of the state’s budget, beginning 2014-2015.

1. Who thinks he proposed a Constitutional amendment instead of just a law because it’s just so much easier to get done???

Oh California, you’re so dumb.

2. While I agree with his intent, establishing arbitrary numerical budgetary (you try adding more adjectives) minimums or maximums always makes me queasy. Sure, everything sounds great now, but who knows what our situation will be in the future? I’d hate for us to be tied to yet another law/budget that may or may not make sense every year.

Think it out, fools. Setting arbitrary funding percentages could inspire public universities to be less efficient, and encourages future politicians to pass the buck and blame others for their policy mistakes. The only person guaranteed to profit from this proposed amendment is Governor Schwarzenegger.


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