Hey NYT: Stop infantilizing women

The lead in a NYT Style article reads:

“Four teenage girls and two men suspected of stealing jewelry and clothing…”

A few paragraphs later, it describes the suspects  more thoroughly:

“The six who have been charged are Nicholas Prugo, 19; Diana Tamayo, 19; Courtney Ames, 19; Ms. Neiers, 18; Roy Lopez Jr., 27, a bouncer; and Jonathan Ajar, 28.”

First of all, NYT, learn to count: you just listed three men and three women.  SECOND, and even more importantly, all three females were 18 or older, so why are you calling them “teenage girls” and the males “men?”  That is really careless, obvious, and dumb sexism.

Come on, New York Times. I expect better of you.



3 thoughts on “Hey NYT: Stop infantilizing women

  1. i think it is because nineteen still ends with “teen” so technically they are “teenagers”…even though the generally accepted connotation is that teenagers are much younger.

  2. They definitely are still teens, but so was one of the men, and you don’t see the NYT calling him a “teenage boy.” Even then, “teenage women” would at least be accurate — more importantly, this article’s language sought to explicitly turn women into girls, instead of just relying on the reader to automatically do so (like we usually do).

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