We buy Grey Poupon at Costco. A jar will sit in the pantry for weeks, but once it’s opened, it’s gone within a couple of days.

I then wash out the Grey Poupon jar and lid and place them in the dishwasher to dry.

Somehow, the lids get lost between drying and me putting them back in the cabinet.

On a tangential-but-eventually-relevant note, we also buy low-sodium Kirkland Signature bacon at Costco. It’s delicious.

We cook it in a Foreman grill. It’s still delicious.

Did you know half a pack of low-sodium Kirkland Signature bacon produces enough run-off fat to fill a third of a Grey Poupon jar?

There is now a jar of bacon fat in the fridge, because everything’s better when cooked in bacon fat.

[My personal recommendation: when cooking jambalaya, I get some spicy pork sausage (well-packed, not Italian), cut it into 1/4-inch cylinders, and saute it in bacon fat. It makes it taste smokier without needing a smoker!]



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