Dear Dad,

At the moment, I’m almost done watching Spike Lee’s documentary, Kobe: Doin’ Work. It is fabulous. It’s basically a video of the Lakers’ April 13, 2008 game against the San Antonio Spurs, with Kobe Bryant’s commentary superimposed onto it, just like a “director’s commentary” DVD bonus or something.

I would HIGHLY recommend it to ANYONE who’s intellectually curious, regardless of his/her interest in basketball — and, of course, to all basketball fans.

“That’s me and Sasha speaking Italian.  Now, if you notice, our team is basically like the United Nations.  (laughs)  We have Italian, we have Spain, we have…Congo, we — we have everything.  We — Slovenian, French — we’re all over the map.  As a result, all of my teammates, we all speak a multitude of languages now.” — Kobe Bryant


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