-A’s games, and lots of them

-Highway 1/Santa Cruz beach trips

-Exploring new hikes with Magic

-Languid Sunday brunch in sundresses

-Tahoe (June?)

-Discover Marin (finally)

-Vintage/thrift store shopping and saving up for my next Louboutins (<3 Junior League SF shop)

-Picnics and barbeques

-Wine bars with patios

-Sculling on the Lake

-Warm nights clubbing

-Getting my shit together for law school apps!

-Holiday-level socializing

-Plaid- and platforms-influenced attitude


-Stern Grove

-Oakland jazz clubs/bars

-THE FOX!  (Bloc Party Monday?  Of Montreal, Decemberists, The Shins…)

-Walking around and getting to know my neighborhood pre- and post-church

-Summer balcony party feat. salad and cold drinks

-B&B for post-symphony Lime Gingers

-Cal Sciences Nightlife

-Finally learning how to take pictures well instead of just lucking into it

-Gardens, gardens, gardens


-Crashing the Greek

Who’s in?


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