1. Not writing enough Thank You notes.  Specifically, not writing them myself for La Puma.  I presented at Back to School night and Clayton walked it with a $400? $500? check the next day, and I left it to someone else to write the note.  I should’ve written it myself.

2. Not doing my best with my last La Puma issue.  At the time, I was burned out and exhausted, but as soon as I put it to bed I regretted not editing it more and regretted throwing together a shitty, slapdash editor’s column.

3. Taking my last-quarter physics classes Pass/Fail.  I set the curve in both of them!  Gahhh.

4. Not complimenting people (including strangers) every time they deserve it, which is about 600 times a day.

5. Racking up ridiculous credit card debt on Taco Bell and gas to see Mike.


One thought on “Regrets

  1. I regret that we never became good friends in high school. Not to sound “stalkery” but I’ve always admired you for your confidence and talents. I wish we could be friends now, but I feel live you’ve got your thing going. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you soon!

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